Dog Trainers

All dog trainers are not created equally. Please be aware that there are no credentials needed to label yourself as a "trainer". There are many people who are marketing themselves and they do not actually have the knowledge to properly train a dog and deal with behavioural issues. These people have no proper training, nor credentials. Training done wrong can cause permanent damage. 

personally prefer positive training methods 99.9% of the time. Positive training is when you reward the dog (mostly using food) for good behaviours and then you wean them off of the food. When they associate good behaviour with a reward they will repeat that behaviour. Personally there is a place for prongs and ecollars, BUT ONLY under expert guidance. Too many abuse these tools and cause damage.  These should also never be the first choice when training, rather the last resort. I do not shame those who use these items when absolutely necessary!

Here is a list of some trainers we have used, OR who have been recommended to us by our puppy owners who show and compete with dogs, and have training experience themselves! We hope this list can help you find a quality trainers for your Border Collie. If you know of an excellent trainer who has 10+ years experience and who successfully also competes in the dog world, winning in the events they are offering training for, and have lots of experience with Border Collies, PLEASE, share them with us! We would love to include them here. We prefer trainers who are members of the CAPDT (Canadian Assosiation of Professional Dog Trainers)



Emily @ Master of Mischief (Training & Behaviour) - (Kingston, ON)

Hannah @ NSync Canines Dog Training - (Norval, ON) 

Tabatha Veary @ Agility World - (Acton, ON)

Maddisen Phelan @ Wizard of Paws (Training & Grooming) - (Halton Hills, ON)

Jenelle Miller @ Four Paws Flying (Disc Dog) 

Kathy Warner @ Tee Creek (Training) - (Welland, ON) 

Canine Coaching Club (Agility, Obedience, Conformation, Rally, Nosework etc.) - (Thunder Bay, ON)




Nova Scotia